Is it Professional to be Political?

While we live in a society that at times seems is increasingly divided by a plethora of political issues, it is no surprise that its sometimes considered incorrect to talk about politics with strangers or in social situations. Its not correct to talk about it at work for instance, at least not with clients if you work serving the public. These can be uncomfortable conversations that might cause trouble at work or lose a client if you are working independently. 

When it comes to being an artist I wonder how these rules might be different.

I have worked for clients who see the world differently than me every single time I've done a project for someone else. Everyone sees the world through their own eyes and even though we deserve the same rights, everyone is different. I have worked with people who see some important social issues extremely different than I do; sometimes,  practically the opposite. I still was able to be a professional every single time.

It is my belief that the job of an artist is to absorb and reflect what we see. It is very important to have empathy as an artist and this makes us more susceptible to perceiving injustice. Therefore our morality resides mostly with humanity and our planet so how could we not be political?

The role of artists throughout history has been not only to record but also to help transform human history and our relationship to Earth.

While our partners' and clients' ethics might not directly reflect our own, our time and energy are limited. Working with someone we admire and connect with will likely enrich the process and improve the results. I hope to work with people and companies as diverse as possible; in background, personality, age, size, whatever. As long as they believe in working towards a better world, living a positive life and have a desire to help others.