Octopus Glam  2017  Acrylic 15' x 4'

Octopus Glam


Acrylic 15' x 4'

Murals and large scale paintings

I started painting larger pieces and murals during the mid 90's when I lived in Mexico City. Graffiti and mural art fascinated me, living in a place with such a vast history of murals and public artwork.  I understood the importance and impact it can have in our lives and how art can transform a space.

As the creator of a piece larger than myself the experience is fascinating! It is always a humbling experience; one which demands my best beyond personal reasons. In the end the piece will always take front and center. The piece tells you what to do and that's what I strive for. These projects bring me the opportunity to create something I would have never been able to create on a white canvas.

I work closely with each client to understand the specifics and budget of the project. As much as I love large scale productions, all pieces are important. I also love to work on small pieces. Some small pieces might take longer to work on and therefore be more expensive than a larger project that required less time.

I work in a variety of different mediums, each with characteristics suited for each piece. I often use spray paint and other stronger more weather-proof materials like protective clear coats or varnishes for outdoor murals, signs or even vehicles and R.V.'s .


Indoor Painting 1 Small piece or detail to compliment decor.

When painting indoors, I use fast-drying, odorless paint, or water-based inks or acrylics with brushes  airbrush. This is deal for indoors; bedrooms, studios, offices, or businesses.

Sometimes simple accents or details make the atmosphere of a room that much richer. Simple images can create an environment or complement other elements in a decorative theme for private space or a business.

If the idea is simple it probably won't take more than a day or two of work. In any case quotes and consultations have no cost, just contact me and I will be able to give you a quote once I understand the nature of the project.

Small Mural.

The example to the left is in a bedroom for a young woman who wanted something peaceful but uplifting.

Murals like this can begin from the client's idea of a portrait, a character or scene from a movie. Orit can be a creation of original artwork.

Pieces like this usually take a few days and the process of planning can take longer depending on whether the client has a clear idea or needs my help creating a concept.



Large scale projects.

The larger the project, the more I am interested in the challenge.  I love being involved in projects larger than myself . As far as for pricing goes a larger piece does not mean it has a larger price tag. Material costs are part of the price but sometimes large pieces can take less time than smaller pieces that require more detail or a more time consuming technique. I gladly work with every client to find the ideal solution for each project.

Here you see a picture of the 13ft x 53ft cityscape mural I did for an auction house in Beaverton, Oregon.

My large size paintings and mural services include:

  • Recreating any image provided by the client.

  • The creation of original artwork. 100% original or based on existing themes or characters.


The cost for my services is based on:


I use the finest quality materials to achieve a better, longer lasting result. Over the years I have used a wide variety of brands and know where to find the best at the best prices to give my clients the best experience when choosing me to do their project.

I work with my client always giving and explaining the different options in materials or techniques for their project.



The use of different materials is related to the time of realization and the end result of the piece or project. A smaller piece may cost more than a larger piece. It all depends on my client's needs. My job is also to help navigate the decision making process for the client by understanding and coming up with creative solutions to achieve the best result at the best price.


I specialize in in science fiction and fantasy with an urban flare. If you like my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me and telling me about your ideas and ask freely any question you might have. I look forward to every project as an opportunity for creative growth as I provide my work to enrich my clients quality of life or simple make their space more special.


Thank you.

Jorge Terrell